How to Manage Social Media Accounts for Multiple Clients

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Growing a marketing or advertising agency is tough. Like any service-based industry, there’s the ever-present juggle between hands on deck versus time on the clock. After all, agencies need to be increasingly agile yet learn to produce high-caliber work at an increasingly fast pace,

Growing a marketing or advertising agency is tough. Like any service-based industry, there’s the ever-present juggle between hands on deck versus time on the clock. After all, agencies need to be increasingly agile yet learn to produce high-caliber work at an increasingly fast pace, on an ongoing basis.

Sounds like a tough gig, doesn’t it? Well, it can be. But getting savvy with effective social media tools, strategies and processes makes a world of difference and can save agencies valuable time and money. 

Want to know how to manage multiple social media client accounts effortlessly? We picked the brains of 4 successful digital marketing agencies to uncover their top tips.

The key to building a lucrative marketing agency is to work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re looking to optimize time, attract clients or take on new social media accounts, learn the best practices other agencies use for themselves and their client accounts.

Key Takeaways

Why Social Media Best Practices Simply Aren’t Enough

For agencies who are killing it on social media, regular best practices include things like:

  • Posting consistently
  • Crediting image sources
  • Replying to comments on posts
  • Collaborating successfully with relevant influencers
  • Celebrating and shouting out clients in Stories
  • Frequently posting to Stories
  • Growing a following organically (AKA, no bots!)

These practices matter for both your agency’s social media account and your client’s social media accounts. They’re not only just polite, but they also help play by the rules of social media algorithms, which means that your social media account will be ranked higher up on Instagram users’ newsfeeds.

But social media is a super-competitive space these days. If you’re looking to manage multiple social media clients, basic best practices just aren’t enough anymore. You have to ensure your team, processes and strategies are all working effectively to ensure you’re running a tight ship and are as efficient as you could possibly be. If that means constantly finessing and refining these practices, then that’s what you need to do.

Here we bring you some quick and easy tips implemented by four successful marketing agencies and Sked Social users. Find out how they implement simple practices to get more out of their social media management.

Clever Social

If you’re looking for a marketing expert in Auckland, it’s worth getting in touch with Rachel from Clever Social. Passionate, knowledgeable, and a straight shooter, Rachel works with small businesses to up-skill their teams and elevate their social marketing efforts.

Naturally, Clever Social’s online presence is next-level good. And, with the help of Sked Social, they were able to:

  • Increase their organic reach
  • Get more agency clients
  • Grow their digital marketing agency team without paid advertising

Let’s see how Clever Social’s social media strategies could help you get more clients for your agency.

Optimize Processes for Creatives and Analysts

The need for creative and analytical minds is a constant yoyo when it comes to social media management. And if you want to score more clients for your agency, you’ll need both.

Flashy buzz words and high-impact creative ads aren’t enough on their own without thoughtful social media strategy to back them up.

Similarly, strategy without personality is an absolute yawn.

We love Clever Social’s use of Sked Social’s Instagram-first platform. Each account manager or team member uses the platform in their own way to suit their individual preferences and responsibilities.

“Our favorite [Sked Social] feature has to be the variety of options available to view your planned posts – I’m an analyst who works with a bunch of fab creatives, so we all approach planning social media a little differently, but Sked Social allows for that.”

– Rachel, Clever Social

No doubt your agency is privy to the different traits needed to put together a killer social media account for clients.

Clever Social found that Sked Social was the perfect social media platform to:

  • Collaborate with team members
  • Cater to different processes and ways of working
  • Streamline their social media strategy
  • Curate and edit social posts

Focus on Personalized Marketing

Our guess is that you’re pouring your heart and soul into your client’s social media content. But try to step back for a moment – are you nurturing your agency’s social media profiles to the same degree?

Clever Social uses personalized marketing to connect with its target audience on a deeper level. This personalized approach could help you grow your agency, too.

“My favorite quote has to be ‘social media is about people, not about your business.’ If you can keep that in mind when creating your Instagram content, you will stand out from the pack.”

– Rachel, Clever Social

This is a fantastic reminder of the importance of taking a look at your own agency’s social media management practices. Remember; to be on social media means you should actually be social!

Try to engage with your target audience in as many ways as possible. Respond to their comments, write back to their messages, use influencers, or try hosting competitions and giveaways – anything that might get users engaging.

Syrup Marketing

Morgan Alverson isn’t just the type of person you want to invite over for pancakes on a Sunday morning. She’s also one of the talented content strategists behind Syrup Marketing.

Syrup marketing offers a tasty selection of:

  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Branding Services

This is one agency that knows the importance of exceeding client expectations and delivering real results.

These guys are the perfect example of an agency using clever tools to nail the social media management game.

Automate Publishing to Suit Your Client’s Ideal Posting Times

Remember when agencies had to manually post to social media for clients? Even if it was during your lunch break, after hours, or even in the middle of the night, you still needed to post! Even though we now have scheduling tools at our disposal, it can be easy to fall back into the habit of real-time posting. Luckily, there is a better way.

Scheduling means that instead of posting when you have the time, you’re posting at the best times for your clients. Sked Social gives you data on the best posting times, so you can continually schedule your posts at the times that they’re likely to perform the best. And, in such a competitive landscape, posting times count.

Since Sked Social automatically publishes posts that are scheduled in advance, the Syrup Marketing team was able to:

  1. Be more strategic with their posting times which means that their posts have more traction
  2. Continue to offer their clients top-quality work, at the right time.

“Thanks to Sked, we can now create our best content at the best times of the day for any region. We have a few clients that have multiple locations, each with a different Instagram account. The ability to upload one image and select each location is a HUGE time-saver!”

– Morgan, Syrup Marketing

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Streamline Scheduling Processes to Save Time

Syrup Social quickly learned that posting on the fly was interfering with their team’s workflow. They knew there had to be a more efficient way to complete necessary social media management tasks.

Impressively, Syrup Marketing saved a staggering 20 hours per week by learning to schedule posts efficiently and be more strategic with their client’s Instagram posting schedule.

By streamlining their posting processes, Syrup Marketing was able to:

  • Free up ample time and regain productivity, leaving more time to do things like come up with awesome new content ideas
  • Keep track of social posts more easily
  • Allow room to take on different clients
  • Grow their digital agency

What used to be a time-consuming task now takes under 3 hours per week.

“Nowadays, we spend approximately 10 hours per month on the Sked platform for all of our clients (approximately half an hour per client, every month). This is light years better than in the past, where we spent countless hours uploading each individual image to Instagram!”

– Morgan, Syrup Marketing

Imagine Media

Imagine Media is an Atlanta-based social media marketing firm driven by genuine connections. This innovative agency uses Instagram for awareness, sales, and engagement. But they also utilize Instagram’s powerful capabilities for their clients, too.

Use Sked Social for Continuity Across a Large Team

When you’re looking for top tips on how to manage multiple social media clients for your agency, remember that more hands make light work.

But a larger team can sometimes result in a breakdown of communication and the fragmentation of your core business culture. Without efficient tools and processes, team relationships can become strained over the limitations of time and proximity.

Luckily, social media platforms like Sked Social mean your entire agency can work together using just one platform, even if you’re all working remotely. It doesn’t matter whether you have a virtual group or an in-house team.

Sked Social assisted Imagine Media to:

  • Grow their team
  • Bring on new clients
  • Maintain its incredible client satisfaction rating

“Sked Social has been a vital tool not only for our account team, but for our agency as a whole. The time it saves us allows us to grow our team and our revenue.”

– Maire, Imagine Media

Develop an Efficient Posting Strategy

Growing your digital marketing agency is an exciting journey. And building a clear social media strategy is a crucial part of reaching your goals. Especially when you have different team members managing imagery, captions, hashtags, and publishing.

“There is so much that goes into our content creation. Knowing that all of that work (even just one post) – is going to go out, on-time and with all elements of our posting strategy taken care of, has been a game-changer for our agency.”

– Maire, Imagine Media

Instagram Story Metrics Made Easy

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Readcity Writing

Readcity Writing specializes in copywriting for creatives. Whether through content marketing, social media coaching, or developing tailored digital marketing strategies.

After a “lifetime” spent searching for a social media management tool that ticked all the boxes, Readcity Writing chose Sked Social after completing a 7-day trial.

The key features that give these guys heart-eyes?

  • Auto-posting hashtags in the first comment
  • Product tagging
  • Account tagging
  • Post planner overview
  • The ability to add collaborators
  • Sked Social’s Hashtag manager

Attract New Clients with Strategized Hashtags

If you’re part of a social media agency, you’ll know just how much of a difference hashtags on social media posts can have on reach and impressions. But did you know that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6% more engagement?

Readcity Writing was able to reach international clients, all without paid advertising. They simply used segmented hashtags, separated into lists. From there, they tested various hashtag groups to find the best combinations.

In fact, by targeting beauty, wedding, and recreational small businesses, they acquired 3 new clients in just one week! They couldn’t have done it without Sked Social’s hashtag lists.

“Saving hashtag lists on Sked Social is so easy and it allowed us to carefully target different industries at the click of a button. Saving time and attracting new clients all in one!”

– Danielle, Readcity Writing

Build Strong Relationships Through Engagement

The cringey ‘like-and-leave strategy’ never worked for Readcity. Neither did the whole follow-unfollow fiasco. In fact, the most effective way Readcity got more clients through social media was largely through strategically engaging with their target audience.

“Sked Social saved us time on client scheduling, so we were able to invest more energy in watering our own garden. By consistently replying to stories, commenting on other people’s posts, and following up with emails, we built a tribe of potential clients who later chose to purchase from us.”

– Danielle, Readcity Writing

Key Takeaways

  • Use flexible, all-encompassing social media management tools all in a single dashboard like Sked Social. This will complement the responsibilities of your team members and just make life easier.
  • Social media should be social. People and relationships first. Always.
  • Serve your clients better and embrace automation with a well-organized posting schedule for more strategic social content that performs better.
  • Save hours out of every week with clear scheduling processes.
  • Strategize your hashtags. Test, report, and repeat!
  • Build strong relationships with genuine engagement – not ‘follow-for-follow’ tactics!

What Are You Waiting For?

The first step to growing your digital agency is to get serious about efficient and effective social marketing tools. Ready to try one of the best social media management tools out there? Start a 7-day free trial of Sked Social today and get in touch to hear about our pricing!

Sked Social is an all-encompassing social media marketing tool that can be used to schedule content for all your social networks, not just Instagram. You can sync it up with your social media profiles, including your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your LinkedIn page – and more! Schedule posts, tweets, videos and edit them as you go – all in the one platform.

The best part? Sked Social can help you get your social media content calendar organized, but it isn’t just a scheduling tool. It’s also a powerful analytics tool that can be utilized to test and refine your social media strategy, allowing you to level up your results when it comes to social media marketing. This is really important if you want fast results and you want to be sure that your social media marketing efforts are generating positive ROI for your company. Sked also has intuitive social media monitoring functions, which can help you keep one eye (or both eyes!) on your competitors.

Sked Social is one of the most comprehensive social media management software options out there that’s compatible with all your social media channels. If you want it all; social media analytics, a scheduling tool, and social media monitoring capabilities, try Sked Social today!

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Danielle is the Founder of Readcity Writing, a copywriting and digital marketing biz helping small businesses reach wider audiences through edgy online marketing strategies. When Danielle's not writing articles, creating social media campaigns and wistfully looking out her window, she's playing drums in a band and hanging out with office cat Larry.

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