16 Game-Changing Instagram Analytics Tools

January 28, 2023
Kyra Goodman

Want to know more about your followers and the success of your posts? You need to grab one (or more!) of these tools.

Great social media marketing extends beyond creating and sharing content—and great marketers take it a step further to ensure their strategy is working. They do this (in part) through Instagram analytics tools.

Let me guess. You’ve asked yourself the following questions multiple times:

Are any of my followers even seeing my posts?
Am I missing any comments on my posts?
How can I spend my marketing budget better?

It’s okay if you have. All marketers question themselves and their strategies, and that’s a good thing. It’s a way of staying accountable. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out those answers alone.

There are plenty of powerful Instagram analytics tools you can use to keep your strategy in sync. These tools will help you find the answers to the questions above and also to other questions you didn’t even know you had. They will help you make better time, money, and energy investments on Instagram. Up your Instagram marketing game with 16 of the best Instagram analytics tools out there.

16 Best Instagram Analytics Tools for Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

1. Instagram Insights

Great for: High level performance analytics of all Instagram content.

Price: Free

Let’s start in-app. Instagram has an excellent, built-in free Instagram analytics tool called Instagram Insights.

It’s only available for Instagram Business Profiles or Creator accounts and is—at this time—only accessible within the mobile app. If you’re unsure of whether a Business Profile is for you, read up on our pros and cons here.) Instagram Insights is limited to high-level analytics (like follower demographics and top post-performance), but these can still be powerful for brands looking to better understand their marketing activity. So, don’t dismiss Instagram Insights just yet. Here are the metrics you can expect from Instagram Insights:

  • Account impressions and reach
  • Profile views
  • Clicks on your website and call/email links
  • Top posts and the impressions, reach, and engagement for these posts for the past week, month, three months, six months, year, or two years
  • The days and times your followers are active
  • A breakdown of gender, age, and location of your followers

Instagram Insights also gives you an overview of Instagram Stories activity (within 14 days of posting). You can also view insights for Instagram Reels and Instagram Live videos.

By the way, if you’re looking for a way to schedule your Stories to publish automatically (so you don’t receive notifications at all hours of the day and night reminding you to post them yourself), Sked can help. No intervention needed. Some marketers have complained that Instagram Insights is too simplistic, but to be honest, it’s pretty cool to have that data right in your app. The only negative in my eyes is the extra math involved. To help with this, as a rule of thumb, remember these equations when crunching your numbers:

  • Engagement rate = Total engagement / Total followers
  • Follower growth % = [(Present number of followers – Previous number of followers) / Previous number of followers] x 100

If you want to expand your analytics and gain a deeper understanding of your marketing activity, check out the rest of these Instagram analytics tools. Most will crunch the numbers for you, delivering data ready for you to take action on.

2. Sked Social

Great for: Deep insights into content, followers, engagement, competitors, and more.

Price: Free 7-day trial. Plans start at $30/month

Sked Social (yes hello, that’s us!) is the all-in-one Instagram marketing, planning, scheduling, analyzing (+more) tool that every social media marketer needs in their arsenal.

Sked’s robust analytics features pulls all your Instagram data into one centralized platform and delivers what you most need - insights! With Sked you can:

  • Find the best time to post your content.
  • Get to know your followers and key demographic information such as where they’re from, gender, age group, and also time zone.
  • View post engagement, including average engagement rate and engagement by type of content (i.e. photo video, or carousel)
  • See in-depth Story analytics such as reach, impressions, completion rate, taps back/forward, replies, exits, and more.
  • Dive deep into hashtag analytics to understand which tags perform best.
  • Understand your reach, reach rates, and whether your reach has been growing over time.
  • Benchmark and compare your Instagram content and activity against your competitors.

All data is available for the last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 day periods. If you’d like to narrow it down further, you can choose the specific dates you need as well. You can generate an insights dashboard to easily share this information with your team. Better yet, set up an automated weekly report. You can also export all this information into a pdf or excel document. We don’t like to brag but we’re pretty proud of ourselves for being one of the best Instagram analytics tools out there. Try us out for free for seven days, after which we have a pricing plan to suit every level of business. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Creator Studio

Great for: Top-level insights for the past 7 days.

Price: Free

The Creator Studio is another great place to get insights into your Instagram metrics. It’s native to Instagram and Facebook, however it isn’t built into your app. To access Creator Studio, you will need to log into your Facebook business account on your computer. Unlike Instagram Insights, Creator Studio only gives you access to your metrics for the last seven days. You can view key information about your content and account, including key interactions such as profile and website visits. The dashboard also shares the most current audience metrics, giving you an insight into key follower demographics. If you are an influencer or work with other brands on monetizing your content, Creator Studio also gives you a breakdown of your performance within the Brands Collab Manager section.

4. Keyhole

Great for: Social listening, hashtag analytics and tracking influencer marketing campaigns.

Price: Free trial, followed by custom plan pricing.

Keyhole is a reporting tool for social media platforms, with key features such as social listening, competitor analysis, and benchmarks, influencer as well hashtag tracking analysis. The tool measures real-time and historical data and spits out these metrics in easy-to-read graphs. They make it simple to analyze, report, and apply your findings to your strategy. Keyhole is a paid service, but they do provide a free trial. For a business looking to use Instagram as a leading tool in their strategy (including influencer marketing), Keyhole could be a worthy investment to better track your campaigns and measure ROI.

5. Socialbakers

Great for: General overview of Instagram metrics.

Price: Free, but must sign up for trial.

The Socialbakers free Instagram analytics tool is a great way to get a clear view of your Instagram performance. The tool gives you an overview of your, most-liked and top-commented Instagram posts, most-liked and most-tagged users, hashtags, distribution of monthly posts, and top filters. These high-level stats mirror the Instagram Insights tool but still provide a decent understanding of your activity – for free.

6. Squarelovin

Great for: Insights into user-generated content.

Price: Free 14 day trial. Plans include a free basic plan.

Are you leveraging user-generated content (UGC) as part of your Instagram marketing strategy? If so, Squarelovin is the tool for you. The tool helps you collect, secure rights for, manage, and publish UGC for your brand, all within one platform. They also provide analytics so you can evaluate the revenue, traffic, and conversions driven by this content. Overall, the tool helps you get a handle on your Instagram content strategy and performance.

7. Union Metrics

Great for: Deep social media performance data and reporting.

Price: Free trial. Plans range from $49 to $199 a month.

Union Metrics provides “social intelligence” and reporting for multiple social media platforms—Instagram included. Not only does the application give you organic and paid media analytics and reporting, but it also offers social listening and competitor analysis. These latter two tools can help you learn more about your audience and provide the very best content. Union Metrics helps brands get started with a free Instagram checkup. The check-up analyzes your activity and engagement for the last 30 days and gives you insights into how you can improve your posting time, hashtags, and content types.

8. Iconosquare

Great for: Social listening and monitoring.

Price: Free 14 day trial. Plans range from $49 to $139 per month.

Iconosquare’s key distinguishing feature is its tags and mention analytics which allows you to measure and understand how your brand or profile is being mentioned on Instagram with metrics like mentions by type (comment, photo tag, caption), breakdown of mention by media type (photo, video, carousel), mentions history and more. Iconosquare also includes hashtag and competitor tracking, engagement insights, Instagram Stories analytics, and a free Instagram Audit.

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9. Pixlee

Great for: Influencer marketing and user-generated content campaigns.

Price: Must request a demo.

Pixlee is another platform that aggregates and leverages user-generated content (UGC). Not only does this tool help you collect and repost others’ photos, but it helps turn your Instagram account into an extension of your e-commerce business with shoppable photos, homepage galleries, and social photo contests. Through Pixlee’s Instagram metrics, you can identify new brand partners and influencers, identify top content and potential posts, turn your day-to-day data into easily shareable reports.

10. Trufan

Great for: Social media data intelligence and segmentation.

Price: Basic plan is free. For more features, plans start at $199 per month.

Trufan is an “audience intelligence” platform delivering deep data intelligence for marketers. It’s more of an audience insights tool than an activity and engagement analysis tool, but its data is still valuable. (Your audience is the heart of your marketing strategy, anyway.)The Basic Demo plan– available for free – allows you to view your full audience profile and then sort and rank that information. It is however limited to only one user, and reports are limited to 100 followers. The Pro and Enterprise plans go deeper with more data, more followers per report, and more users able to access the report.

11. HypeAuditor

Great for: Influencer marketing analytics.

Price: There is a free plan, after which plans start at $399 per month.

HypeAuditor is an Instagram analytics tool to help you measure your collaborations with influencers. The tool helps you analyze the quality of your influencer’s audiences, engagement rate, and comment authenticity. Further, you can also monitor statistics for Instagram accounts and use this information to strengthen your influencer marketing activities.

12. Command

Great for: Hashtag analytics

Price: Free to download with in-app purchases.

Command is a simple but powerful analytics app to help you understand take action on key data points. The tool delivers key insights on your Instagram content and also provides a report card on specific posts to help you understand what worked and what didn’t. The tool also provides insights into your choice of hashtags and helps you figure out which hashtags drive the highest engagement.

13. Brand 24

Great for: Social listening and reputation management.

Price: Free trial. Plans start at $49 per month.

Brand24 collects data on what Instagram users are saying about your brand. It analyzes tone and sentiment in conversations, allowing you to address happy (and unhappy!) customers in a timely manner. The tool also analyzes hashtags—including your own branded hashtags—which can help optimize your hashtag strategy further. Overall, the tool is particularly helpful for brands to keep an eye on customer chatter about their brands. By listening closely and listening better on social media, brands can deliver a better, more satisfying customer experience as well.

14. Klear

Great for: AI-powered influencer analytics.

Price: Must sign up for a demo.

Klear is yet another tool for the growing world of influencer marketing. The tool helps brands get to know their influencers better and manage their relationships. Powered by an AI algorithm, the platform assigns influencers with a score between 0-100 to determine their true influence on their followers. This feature is particularly helpful for brands as it allows you to identify Instagram users with the highest level of influence and choose to work with those who are most likely to deliver results.

15. Phlanx

Great for: Calculating engagement and competitor analysis.

Price: Free

Phlanx’s free engagement calculator tool does exactly what the name says - calculates your Instagram engagement rate. Simply enter the Instagram handle you’re interested in and the tool will generate a report on that Instagram account’s total followers, engagement rate, and average interactions (likes and comments) per post. While you can get information about your own engagement quite easily, this tool can be particularly useful if you’d like to understand your competitor better as well. You can enter any public Instagram account and find out more about them. For example, I just found out Kim Kardashian’s Instagram content generates a 1.02% engagement rate.

16. RivalIQ

Great for: In-depth analytics, competitive analysis, and social media audits.

Price: Free trial with plans starting from $239 per month. RivalIQ is a social media analytics tool that will help you carry out account check-ups and truly understand your Instagram performance. The platform is useful for social media audits, competitor analysis, and detailed reporting on your Instagram metrics. The tool also analyzes individual posts on your Instagram profile to highlight trends, understand popular topics and uncover opportunities to improve your engagement.

How to Turn Data from These Instagram Analytics Tools Into Actionable, Impactful Goals

Registering, purchasing, and downloading these Instagram analytics apps are great, but these investments don’t pay off until you use them to fuel new goals – and eventually, sales. How can you turn this newfound data into actionable goals and impactful investments? Here are a few Instagram metrics to look for and what they mean for your account and brand performance.

Calculate Follower Growth Rate to Set New Growth KPIs

In and of itself, your follower count means nothing. Sure, 100,000 followers are great, but it doesn’t say much as a standalone number. By calculating your follower growth rate, you can understand how your community is growing and what content and engagement activity may be feeding that. Sked’s analytics features can simplify this for you.

Listen to Follower Comments to Identify Interests and Themes

Receiving likes and comments on your posts is exciting. Engagement is a critical indicator that your target audience appreciates and connects with your content. But, how do you know what exactly they like? Well, those who comment are likely telling you. While it’s easy to double-tap and like a photo, those followers who are actually engaged (and not Instagram bots) will probably comment and share what they like about your photo, answer a question you’ve posted, or even tag a friend or other account.

Most Instagram analytics tools will measure and report on the likes, comments, and general engagement of each post. But tools like Simply Measured and Union Metrics analyze and share top comments and the language used in each.Tracking the sentiment of each comment can tell you what your followers like and appreciate about each photo, whether your photography, quote, or product feature. This data can help you create content that your followers consistently like and engage with.

Monitor Hashtag Performance to Discover Niche Social Media Opportunities

Posting content with hashtags is a sure-fire way to drive engagement. In fact, one study found that photos with at least one hashtag resulted in 70% more likes than posts without hashtags.

When posting content on Instagram, it’s easy to snag the most popular hashtags in your industry or circle just to include some in your caption. But, these hashtags are popular for a reason. Their high-volume feeds are likely bogged down with lots of content, meaning your posts could get lost. If you’re a small business or new brand, you have a better chance of ranking with low- to medium-volume hashtags. To analyze hashtag performance and popularity, use a tool that has a dedicated tracking feature (like Keyhole). These tools will steadily watch popularity, compare commonly-used hashtags, and show you new hashtag opportunities. This data can help you use the best possible hashtags for discovery and growth.

Of course, the downside to using hashtags is that it’s hard to keep track of them and adding them to your posts can be a hassle. If you haven’t tried it yet, Sked’s hashtag manager is a great tool that solves both of these problems. You can store all your hashtags in one place and add them to your posts while you’re creating them. You can even divide them into groups and add up to 30 of them to your captions or first comment with just a couple of clicks. To try it out, log in to Sked and click on the hashtag manager option in the sidebar menu. Then, type your tags into the ‘New hashtag’ field (green circle below) and add them.

To save a set of hashtags as a group, simply type the name you want to use in the ‘New group’ field and click add (green circle below). Once you’ve created your group, add your hashtags (blue arrow). Now, when you want to add a hashtag (or group of hashtags) to a post, just click on the # symbol in either the caption or first comment section when you’re creating a post (see below).And then click on the hashtags (or group of hashtags) you want to add. Once you’re done, click OK. Then, finish creating your post and when you’re done, either add it to your queue, save it as a draft or schedule it for a particular time/date. Easy!

Start Measuring Your Instagram Metrics Today

While it’s essential to create beautiful content that resonates with your audience, that’s only half of a successful Instagram marketing strategy. Sked Social’s analytics tool can help you bring your plan full circle to ensure your time and budget are efficiently spent.

Sked is a powerful social media management and analytics app that will revolutionize your Instagram marketing efforts. The all-in-one Instagram scheduler allows you to automatically post images, carousels, Stories, videos, and more.

Tag locations, users, and products and manage all your hashtags in one place to save 5+ hours every week

You can manage your content, schedule your posts and get valuable Instagram insights all in one place. Sign up for a free 7-day trial to see how Sked can help you understand your Instagram analytics better.


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