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Social Media News: Fake News Flagging Tool, Clear Facebook History and More

Instagram launched a fake news flagging tool this week. As well as this, Facebook announced new privacy updates and Twitter introduces topic following. Here’s the latest.

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Social Media News: AR Filters Available to All, New Facebook Ad Layouts and Group Shifts

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kylie Jenner create their own Instagram Story filters? Well, it’s through a platform called Spark AR and this week Facebook gave everyone access to it.

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Social Media News: Facebook Tags, Brain-Controlled Wearables and a New Instagram Memes Officer

In social media news this week, Facebook announced that they’ve begun exploring brain control wearables, and Instagram backpedals from shutting down meme accounts.

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Social Media News: Search Bar Ads, AR Filters and Twitter Strategies

Following in the footsteps of other search engines, this week we saw Facebook testing search bar ads. Team that with Instagram’s AR filter testing and Twitter sharing big-name strategies – it’s been a big week.

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Social Media News: Instagram And Pinterest Trends, IG Gift Guides And New Creator Accounts

Instagram News IG Year in Review With 2018 coming to a close, Instagram is looking back on its most-loved features. Users around the world have been spreading the love with the Heart Love Sticker and

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Social Media News Round Up - Sked

Social Media News: Election Woes, Pinterest Redesign, and Facebook Pop-Ups

Election Woes Continue on Social Media Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are continuing to experience problems with regards to election malpractice and political meddling. Facebook has now established a “War Room” to manage and monitor instances

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