Instagram Deploys Multi-Account Posting And Twitter Reveals Upcoming Updates

Instagram News Multi-Account Posting Is Here The biggest news on Instagram this week is the network’s new features that allows users to post their content to multiple accounts at once. Made public by social media

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How to create multi-image and carousel posts using Sked Social

How to Create and Schedule Instagram Carousel Posts Using Sked Social

We are back with another Sked Social tutorial. In this post, we are going to look at the more complex posts you can create using Sked Social. This includes creating an Instagram carousel post. How

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How to schedule Facebook posts via Sked Social

Sked Social guide: How to Post on Facebook

Sked Social is about more than Instagram. You can also schedule content on Facebook and Pinterest, saving you 5-10 hours per week. We are going to show you how to post on Facebook using Sked

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Social Media News Roundup 2 - Sked Social

Social Media News Round Up: Mark Zuckerberg’s Year-End Address

As 2018 came to a close and people worldwide ushered in 2019, social media’s biggest newsmaker remained Facebook. The network’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, captured the spotlight this week thanks to his year-end address, which many

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Social Media Statistics For 2019

50 Social Media Statistics to Guide Social Media Managers Into 2019

“Tell us why we shouldn’t cut your budget.” That might be the single most intimidating sentence any employee can be asked. But given the increased relevance of social media in business and advertising, it doesn’t

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Social Media News Round Up - Sked Social

New Social Media Features, Twitter’s Top Hashtags and Facebook’s Legal Saga

Facebook New Features Facebook has now officially rolled out their new Group Stories feature. Group members can participate in collaborative stories, by adding images from their photo roll, text, effects, and stickers. Another new feature

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How to add your first Instagram or Facebook account on Sked Social

Since you can now plan & schedule your Instagram and Facebook posts in Sked Social, we’ve prepared this quick guide on adding different social media accounts to Sked. If you’re looking for info on how

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Social Media News Round Up - Sked

Instagram News: Story Ad Monetization, Hate Speech Hashtags, And IG’s New King

The Future of Instagram Story Monetization One of the main questions buzzing around the release of Facebook’s 3rd quarter report this week, is how the platform’s earnings will impact the future growth plans for Instagram,

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Facebook Losing Users - Sked Social

Is Facebook Losing Users? FB’s 2018 Mystery Explained

Facebook has been facing the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal since the news broke in March this year. The company posted its Q2 2018 earnings report yesterday with its share price down by more

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