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Invite as many users as you want for no extra charge

The key to a great Instagram is collaboration – and it’s what Sked is all about. You should never have to limit your collaboration (or share passwords!) because of the cost. Here’s how 10,000+ brands across the world collaborate with Sked.

Unlimited free users – invite any one, any time

Don’t be afraid of inviting users because of per-seat or “limited number of users” pricing. Sked includes as many seats/users as you want – for no extra charge – on the essentials plan and above.

Work with everyone you need – clients, freelancers, the lot

When you don’t have to pay for each person you add to Sked, you can work with any one you need. Because you can restrict which account(s) they can see in Sked, we work great with team members, freelancers, clients, or agencies.

Post status for client approvals – workflows to help you get sh*t done

Set up post statuses (like ‘in draft’, ‘waiting for review’, ‘ready to publish’ …) and share the approval link with clients or other stakeholders. They can approve or reject (with a comment) the posts, and Sked will automatically hold any posts that aren’t approved for publication. [Available on the ‘Essentials’ plan and above.]

Collaborate in the dash with internal user comments

Need to review internally while you work? Just use our internal comments solution. Add comments to drafts or scheduled posts so that your team can refine the posts and make sure your Instagram is awesome. [Available on the ‘Essentials’ plan and above.]

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Invite EVERYONE to your account at no extra charge

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