How to Find and Add Instagram Stickers to Stories

March 1, 2020
Hugh Stephens

Instagram Stickers have made Instagram experience more interactive and fun. And what's best, all you need is a bit of creativity to use them.

Are you looking for more information about Instagram Stickers, where to find them, and how to use them? FACT: Instagram Stickers have made the experience on the social network more interactive and fun. And because they require nothing but a bit more creativity to use, they've become accessible for everyone, brands, and individual users alike. So, if you want to find out how to use stickers on your Instagram posts and stories, keep on reading. Soon, you'll be using them like a pro.

What are Instagram stickers?

Instagram Stickers are visual elements that you can add to your images and videos. And as the name suggests, they look like stickers you put on top of a photo.

Instagram stickers example 1.

Stickers differ by the type - more on that in just a second - but also, how they are displayed. Some of them are animated, others allow you to mention your friends or share your location, or interact with the story in some other way.

How to Find Stickers on Instagram

You can find Instagram stickers by clicking to create a new Story. Once you take a photo or a video, you can find them at the top right of your screen. Here's what to do to add a sticker to your story:1. Take a new photo or video2. Look for the smiley icon, it’s the third in the bottom row. Once you've tapped it, you'll see a list of stickers that you can use, like this:

An example of how to add stickers to Instagram stories.

3. Layer it over your story by dragging it to where you want it to be, and resize it, if you wish.

Why Add Instagram stickers

Instagram stickers can be fun to use. However, they can be also very useful for your brand. The different types of stickers can help your business engage with fans and feel closer to them. For one, stickers can help you boost your engagement without being repetitive. They can help you grab your followers’ attention in a way that doesn’t feel too promotional and predictable.

(Using them in your Stories can help you showcase your creativity to highlight your brand, your products, and your team. In a nutshell, they make your stores more engaging. And as I’m sure you know already, the more engaging your Stories are, the higher the chances to keep your followers coming back.

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12 Types of Stickers on Instagram

At the time of writing this, the social network offered the following ten stickers in your Stories (however, the social network continuously updates and adds new options to the list):

  • Donation Sticker: It allows people to donate to nonprofits. By selecting the nonprofit sticker, you are able to choose the nonprofit of your choice to raise money for them through a fundraiser. Everyone who sees your sticker can click to Donate to support the cause.
  • Quiz: You can use the Quiz sticker to ask multiple-choice questions. For example, you can test your followers to find out how much they know about you. You can also customize the answers or even click on the dice at the bottom of the screen to find a random question.
  • Countdown: You can use this sticker to count down for any important moment. It allows you to customize the name, the date, the time, and even the color, which makes it even better for your brand. For example, you can use it to announce a new product or to celebrate an important milestone.
  • Question: The question sticker encourages your followers to ask you any questions. You can also use this sticker to ask your followers to send you song recommendations. It can be very engaging as you can also share the responses in new stories. You can also host AMA (ask me anything) sessions to feel closer to your followers.
  • Music: You can use the Music sticker to add music and lyrics to your Stories. It’s a fun way to make your Stories more engaging by picking the exact point of the song that you want to play and even the font that the lyrics will be displayed in. It’s also a good way to learn more about someone’s music taste!
  • Poll: A poll sticker allows you to add your own question to gather your followers’ votes on the most popular answer. It is a very popular option for brands and you can even add emojis instead of written answers to make your Story more fun.
  • Location: The location sticker allows you to share where you are based on your nearby options. It’s useful for local brands that want to promote their business as a way to encourage their customers to do so for improved awareness.
  • Hashtag: The hashtag sticker allows you to add a clickable hashtag to your Story. It’s very handy if you want to promote your brand’s custom hashtag so that others can tap on it to find out more about it.
  • Time/weather: You are able to share the time and the weather with stickers that can make your Stories more personal and possibly relevant to your followers.
  • Selfie: There is an option to share your selfie sticker to create more reactive Stories that feel authentic to your followers. Instagram is currently testing the option to introduce new selfie stickers that are rounded, fun and engaging. If this rolls out to everyone anytime soon, it could change the way we are sharing stories to make them more personal while putting our faces at the center of attention for engagement (in a good way!)
  • Mention sticker: This sticker allows you to tag friends and family in the photo.
  • Countdown sticker, allowing you to create a countdown and remind followers when the time is up.
Making stories more engaging with additional visual elements like stickers.

4 Tips to Use Instagram Stickers in Marketing

You already know that Instagram stickers can help your brand stand out. You can create content practically out of nothing and most importantly, you can boost your engagement rate.

If you are ready to add stickers to your Instagram strategy, here are four tips to consider.

#1. Test and learn

You don’t need to overthink the use of stickers to your Stories. The good thing with Instagram Stories is that the content doesn’t have to be perfect. Authenticity beats perfection any day. All you need is to test different stickers and how they can help you be more engaging.

#2. Be creative

Stickers can help you be creative in various ways. When you’re struggling on what to post, you can ask a question to involve your audience in your content planning. You can even ‘borrow’ ideas from others to push your creative boundaries!

#3. Think like your followers

All posts on social media should be about your followers, not your brand. When sharing a Story with stickers, think like your followers. What would make them participate? How can you be genuinely authentic?

#4. Make UGC the new norm

User-generated content (UGC) can help your brand find new content that comes directly through your followers. It’s a great tactic to discover new ideas while making your followers feel part of your strategy. You can ask questions and share the answers or you can encourage your followers to use your hashtag to share the best uses of it.

Instagram stickers example 6.

Closing Thoughts

Instagram stickers are not just a fun feature to use with your friends. They can actually help your brand be more engaging in a format that many people enjoy. You can also increase your awareness and social proof while building a connection with your followers. The best tip to remember about Instagram Stickers is that they can tap into our inner child to help us express ourselves in a unique way. It may sound simple but it can make your brand stand out once you master it!


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