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How To Create Quick Instagram Analytics and Reporting With Sked

Within the last few months, Sked (formerly Schedugram) launched their Instagram analytics feature. And to be honest, we at Readcity Writing couldn’t have been more thrilled when we heard the news! We clinked coffee mugs

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Social Media News Round Up - Sked

Instagram News Roundup: Invisible Hashtags, Leadership Clashes, and Google Stories

This week, Instagram announced some major changes, not just on its app and features, but also on the people behind the successful social media platform. Here’s all the latest news, features, and updates in the

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instagram tool for agencies

11 Reasons Why Sked Social Is The Only Instagram Management Tool Your Agency Needs

Life in an agency isn’t an easy gig. You’re inundated with multiple responsibilities, deadlines, and insistent clients wanting polished work, “right NOW!” You’re managing a magnitude of accounts, profiles, and presences – so naturally, you’re a big

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Instagram Bots: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Pros and Cons of Using Instagram Bots for Business How do you become popular on Instagram? How do you get tons of followers? The key is to be active as often as possible. Comment

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