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Sometimes a calendar is the easiest way to plan and publish your content across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sked’s got you sorted to the social media calendar like a pro.

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Drag and drop calendar scheduling

Drag and drop posts and drafts to get your social media plans right.

Instagram social media calendar - Sked Social

Discover how 10,000+ companies use Sked’s social media calendar:

Easy social media calendar

It's a visual almanac

View your upcoming and published posts in a month, day or week format.

Easily drag-and-drop posts around to get your order and timing just right.

Sked posts automatically for you (no push notifications!) to your Instagram feed and stories, Facebook posts and Tweets.

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Plan around public holidays

See holidays right there and then

Import a calendar into Sked to get your editorial calendar or list of public holidays displayed alongside social content.

Know when to celebrate World Dog Appreciation Day or how to avoid that planned content causing awkward moments on the wrong day.

10,000+ brands can't be wrong

See why everyone from small business to enterprises use Sked to schedule Instagram posts and stories.

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Easily move in and out of drafts

Move from idea to posted

Sometimes you need time between creation and curation.

Add your ideas to drafts, and then drag them into your Grid when they’re ready for the lime light.

With unlimited users included, invite your team members to do the same – it’s collaboration made easy!

Manage multiple accounts

Easily manage your Instagram accounts

Organise your content easily across accounts or brands. Use custom colours on the calendar to easily see what is scheduled for each account.

Whether you look after one account or 100, Sked can improve your workflow and save you time.

Start your social content calendar now

See why social media managers around the world pick Sked to manage their social media content calendar.

Collaborate easily with your team using advanced collaboration features & more.

Easy editing tools + Previews

Preview your posts

Preview posts before they go live to avoid costly mistakes.

Use our image editing tools across both our desktop and mobile app (Android + iOS) to get your content looking just right.

Use the template feature to easily re-use content like the best Instagram hashtags that you might use across posts for your Instagram account.

Post carousels and stories

Advanced post types for advanced users

Schedule and auto-post your images, videos, carousels and Instagram stories. No more push notifications or alarms!

With other advanced features like person, product and location tagging – Sked has what you need to get your Instagram just right.

Fully packed for all platforms

All the tools you need to rule the social media biggies.

Instagram-first features
  • Drag and drop visual grid planner
  • Videos, carousels and Stories ✨
  • Product tagging
  • Location tagging
  • Hashtags in first comment
  • Link in bio customization and tracking
  • Hashtag manager
  • Robust reporting
  • Powerful photo editor with magic cropping
  • Story planning and scheduling
  • Instagram Regram App
Social media icons
On Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Google My Business
  • Workflows for all team sizes
  • Unlimited users and collaborators
  • Bulk uploading
  • Unlimited post drafts
  • Powerful photo editor
  • Automagically crop images for each channel
  • Canva integration
  • Queue – recurring post times
  • Drag and drop social media calendar
  • Custom timezone setting for each account
  • Easy team collaboration
  • Seamlessly manage clients
  • Emoji support 🚀
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